We have over 100 flavor combinations available for cakes and cupcakes.  We can e-mail you an entire list upon request.  Please find some of our traditional sample combinations below.

Red Velvet Cake – Red Velvet Cake iced with Cream Cheese icing


Chocolate Cake - Milk or Dark Chocolate Cake with choice of Dark or Milk Chocolate Frosting

Marble Cake - Combination of yellow and Chocolate cake swirl with Chocolate Icing

Yellow Cake - Butter Cake with Chcolate or Vanilla icing

Lemon Cake - Lemon Cake with Vanilla Icing

Cookies N Cream Cake - Chocolate Truffle Cake with Cookie Buttercream

Carrot Cake - Carrot Cake iced with Cream Cheese Icing

Rum Cake - Caribbean coated in Rum and Pecans

Yin & Yang – White Sour Cream Cake iced with Chocolate Buttercream

Strawberry ShortCake - Vanilla Cake Smoothered with Strawberries and Cream


Sugar cookies can vary in size & design, so a firm price isn’t sensible. Still, there is a basic guideline I adhere to when negotiating a price on a certain cookie. The following should help to give you an estimate to consider before placing an order:

• $54.00 per dozen* (up to 3 colors on each cookie)

• $60.00 per dozen* (up to 5 colors per cookie)

**MINIMUM of 12 cookies/1 dozen**

Each cookie is hand decorated and sealed in individual packaging (included in pricing) to ensure freshness. ALL CHARACTER/LOGO COOKIES start at $60 per dozen. 

**Tied ribbon accents on cookie packaging is an additional $5 per dozen.

**Customized printed "header" or "tag" is an additional $10 per dozen.


Made with various sized cookies
3 cookie bouquet - $15
6 cookie bouquet - $25
9 cookie bouquet - $40
12 cookie bouquet - $50

Dark Chocolate 
Cookies & Cream 
Peanut Butter


Premade designs are always available to purchase on my Facebook page . You are more than welcome to change the flavor and design color if you wish. Prices on my local Facebook page are set as prices listed.  

*Seasonal flavors are added to the menu periodically.

* Flavors must be by the dozen unless already created during preorder sales. 

**Pumpkin Spice

  Apple Cinnamon 

  Chocolate Peppermint

  Red Velvet


Pricing is subject to difficulty of cake design. 


Wedding Cakes are priced per serving and begin at $5.50 a serving. Fondant covered cakes start at $7.00 a serving.


3D Cakes start at $6.00 a serving plus an additional fee on the design complexity. 


Party cakes start at $5.50 a serving.  Depending on the design difficulty of the cake, the price is subject to change.


Cupcakes are priced individually starting at $2.75 each for basic flavors and icing swirl on top. Specialty cupcakes start at $3.50 each.  Prices may vary depending on flavor and design choice.


* Cake truffles are $1.55 a piece and flavors vary.

* Cake pops are $2.00 a pop and favors vary.

* Covered oreos are $2.00 a cookie.